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Aagantuk Resort Dhulikhel

Aagantuk Resort is the best resort located near Kathmandu University and is nowadays considered one of the best resort of Dhulikel and nearest best resort out of Kathmandu. It only takes about 1 Hours to reach Aagantuk Resort from Kathmandu. Apart from the Suitability of the Location, Aagatuk Resort is famous because of its environment and the surrounding of the resort.

“AAGANTUK” simple means IMPORTED but not limited to it. “Aagantuk” in the name of this resort can be considered as Guest, or Visitor. As Name mentions, It is especially designed for the visitors, and is designed in such a way that it gives natural feelings about the Waterfall and several other natural things.

Aagantuk Resort Arch Plan
Aagantuk Resort Arch Plan

As this is one of the newly opened Resort near Dhulikhel, Most of the people, sometimes get confused it with other normal Dhulikhel Resorts, but unlike others, It is one of the efficiently functioning, and a resort with Best Customer Service.

We have enlisted some of the other features of this Aagantuk Resort throughout this Article.

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Deluxe Room

This is one of the most affordable rooms at Aagantuk Resort. With a panoramic view of 22 Himalayan ranges, Aagantuk Dhulikhel Resort is one of the best places to enjoy the scenic beauty of the place.

Deluxe Room of Aagantuk Resort
Deluxe Room of Aagantuk Resort

For one person, it costs 60 USD, while for two people, it costs 70 USD.

Being affordable, This is one of the most selling room of this Resort. No matter whether you’re in deluxe Room, or Mughal Room, We won’t left any stone unturned to provide better service for our customer.

If We have to recommend, this room of Aagantuk resort would be best for a couple of friends to hang out as it is neither expensive nor boring. You can enjoy much at low cost.

Premium Room

This is the most recommended room. It is neither expensive nor inexpensive. In this room, you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the place with a panoramic view of 22 Himalayan ranges.

Premium Room of Aagantuk Resort
Premium Room of Aagantuk Resort

For one person, it costs 70 USD, and for two people, it costs 80 USD.

Being Premium Room of this Resort, This Room is a bridge between Deluxe Room and Mughal Room as this room is little expensive than that of deluxe room and little cheaper than that of Mughal Room.

This room would be best for a family and a couple who wants to hang out with there close one for a day away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and is also highly recommended for the people of rural areas to experience the service of top-class resort of this country.

Mughal Room

A panoramic view of 22 Himalayan ranges makes this room quite expensive, but it is definitely worth the money.

Mughal Room - Aagantuk Resort
Mughal Room – Aagantuk Resort

The price is 80 USD for a single person and 90 USD for a couple.

Being the most expensive room of this Aagantuk resort, It is one of the best room of this Resort with scenic view. Apart from all the amenities and room features available to all customer, This room is highly equipped with beautiful things to add beauty to this Room.

This Room is best for a Honeymoon, and is also best for a family who loves to enjoy scenic natural beauty of the country. This type of room seems to be expensive for the normal family but as far as we heard, this room is worth it and people who once stayed at this room would love to stay on the same type of room again and again.

Aagantuk Resort’s Amenities

Free Parking

Like every resort in Dhulikhel, This Resort too offers the adequate amount of parking space for there customers vehicles at no cost.

To make it easier for the customer, Parking Space is properly built and maintained and you don’t have to worry about the safety about your belongings and vehicles as Parking Space is under 365*24 CCTV Supervision along with Guard in Security Room.

Free Wi-Fi – High Speed Internet 

Aagantuk Resort also offers Free Wi-Fi for the Customer and the visitors to the palace. You can connect easily to the Wi-Fi and Strong connection can be found anywhere inside the resort’s boundaries.

If you find any problem for connection, you can feel free to ask assistance from Reception, or Help Line.

Swimming Pool

Aagantuk Resort - Drone View
Aagantuk Resort – Drone View

These days, Swimming Pool is one of the must-have amenities for all the hotels and resorts as nowadays, Swimming pool is considered the basic requirements for Hotels and Resorts, and This Resort’s too offers beautiful Swimming Pool with beautiful view and you can swim here with no hesitation as Management take care of the cleanliness properly. 

Coffee Shop

Apart from other basic Amenities, this Resort also offeres Coffee Shop from which you can have coffee at any time of day and night. This resort offers Several Coffee type and you can order any type of available coffees based on your requirements of Sugar and other details about your interest.

Children’s PlayGround

As a Service Provider, We have been thriving ourselves to make our Resort better destination for Visitors and there loved ones and while planning about the way to make our resort more enjoyable, we decided to construct Playground, in which Our Customer can play games that they Enjoy. As Most of the Grown Up people don’t like to play in the Ground, We have named it Children’s Playground but it is not limited to Children.

Airport Transportation

“Atithi Debo Vaba”, We believe in this Sanskrit Quote, and We considered our guests a God or a Goddess. If there is anyone coming from the foreign countries country, or is planning to go to Airport, We have been providing Airport Transportation facilities to our Customer.

Aagantuk Resort’s Rooms Features

Air Conditioning

Aagantuk Resort’s rooms are equipped with air conditioning units that ensure guests have a comfortable stay even during the hottest months of the year.


Each room at Aagantuk Resort has a desk, providing guests with a convenient workspace where they can catch up on emails or work on their projects.

Cable/satellite TV: Guests can relax and unwind with the cable or satellite TV provided in each room, featuring a variety of channels and entertainment options.

Bath/shower: Each room has a private bathroom with both a bath and a shower, allowing guests to choose their preferred method of relaxation.

Room service

Guests can enjoy the convenience of room service, allowing them to order meals and snacks from the comfort of their rooms.


For added security and peace of mind, each room is equipped with a safe where guests can store their valuables while they explore the resort’s many amenities.


Aagantuk Resort’s housekeeping service ensures that guests enjoy a comfortable and clean stay with daily cleaning and organizing of each room.

Private Balcony

Each room has a private balcony, allowing guests to relax in privacy while taking in the beautiful views and enjoying a cup of coffee or tea.

Coffee/Tea Maker

The in-room coffee/tea maker provides guests with a convenient way to prepare hot beverages, making it easy to relax in the comfort of their own room.


The comfortable sofa in each room is a great place for guests to unwind and relax after a long day, whether they’re watching TV or reading a book.


The wardrobe/closet provides guests with ample space to store their clothing and personal items, keeping the room organized and tidy.

Bottled Water

Complimentary bottled water is provided to guests, ensuring that they stay hydrated and refreshed throughout their stay.

Clothes Rack

The clothes rack in each room provides guests with an additional storage option for their clothing, making it easy to keep everything organized and accessible.


The in-room iron and ironing board allows guests to quickly and easily refresh their clothing, ensuring that they always look their best during their stay.

Flatscreen TV

The flatscreen TV in each room provides guests with a range of entertainment options, including movies, TV shows, and news channels, ensuring that they have a relaxing and enjoyable stay.

Complimentary Toiletries

The complimentary toiletries provided in each room include shampoo, conditioner, soap, and other essential items, ensuring that guests have everything they need to feel comfortable and refreshed during their stay.

Hair Dryer

Each room is equipped with a hair dryer, allowing guests to easily dry and style their hair before heading out for the day.

Laptop Safe

The laptop safe provides guests with a secure and convenient place to store their laptops and other valuables during their stay.

Wake-up Service/Alarm Clock

Guests can request a wake-up call or use the provided alarm clock to ensure that they wake up on time and don’t miss any of the exciting activities planned for their day.


The in-room minibar provides guests with a convenient way to enjoy their favorite drinks and snacks without having to leave their room.


The refrigerator in each room allows guests to store and chill their own food and beverages, providing a home-away-from-home experience.

Electric Kettle

The in-room electric kettle allows guests to easily prepare hot beverages and meals, making it easy to relax in the comfort of their own room.

Sound-Proof Rooms

Each room is designed with soundproofing to ensure that guests can enjoy a peaceful and quiet stay, free from outside noise and disturbances.

Best time to Visit Aagantuk Resort

Aagantuk Resort is located at Dhulikhel and is only an hour away from Kathmandu City. Being nearest to the capital city of Nepal, Weather and temperature of this resort and there areas is almost like the weather of Kathmandu.

Temperature neither goes below 0 Degree Celsius not goes above 40 Degree Celsius. So, Aagantuk Resort can be visited throughout the year. But, If you’re planning to enjoy as much as you can, then We would like to recommend to visit this Resort in Summer as, You can feel the cool environment in this Aagantuk Resort with the availability of Swimming Pool for refreshment.

Things to do in Aagantuk Resort

As mentioned earlier, Aagantuk Resort wide ranges of Amenities and services. So, there are so many things you can do in Aagantuk Resort. Aagantuk Resort is near beautiful city Dhulikhel, and Banepa. Nevertheless, It is away from the hustle and bustle of the city. If we have to enlist the things that you can do in this Resort, then they are:

  • Swimming
  • Playing Games
  • Enjoying DJ
  • Camp Fire
  • Barbeque
Aagantuk Resort Water Fountain
Aagantuk Resort Water Fountain

Apart from that, there are so many other facilities and services along with game that you can enjoy in this resort with your friends and families.

Book Room at Aagantuk Resort with Us

If you’re planning for a night stay at this Resort, Please make sure that you have booked a room at this before approaching the resort as this is one of the famous resort for now and have been pre-booked before few days. So, it is highly recommended to book this resort with us. To book a room at this Resort and for additional information, Feel Free to call us at +977-9863655576 or, write us at ddmelamchi@gmail.com.

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