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Jhor Waterfall

In Tokha Mahankal, the Jhor Waterfall is a famous cascade among Kathmandu residents. Jhor Waterfall ( Jharna) is a famous waterfall among adolescents. Near Kathmandu and the ordinary spring water, what else can you hope for when it comes to battling the heat of the late spring? Shivapuri National Park is the fundamental source of this cascade. Jhor is situated in the fringe between Kathmandu and Nuwakot areas. While visiting Shivapuri Village, one can make a stop.

The sanctuary of Lord Shiva in Jhor is also a great place for strict individuals to vacation. Travelers visited this place on Saturday and Monday. You can make the most of it by giving respect to the god and playing with the spring water. You can visit this spot within the Bhasmasur Cave. It is also a spot that can be visited on a budget. From this cascade, you can also see the stunning Kathmandu Valley view.

Those who are strict can also vacation at the Shiva sanctuary in Jhor. During the weekend and Monday, travelers visited this place. The best way to experience it is to give respect to the god and to play with the spring water. It is located within Bhasmasur Cave. You can visit this place on a budget, as well as see a stunning view of the Kathmandu Valley from this cascade.

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Jhor Khola Location

Compared to Sundarijal, Jhor Waterfall is close. The route goes as follows: Samakhusi – Greenland – Grande Hospital – Tokha and Jhor. The cascade is easy to reach by open vehicle or private vehicle. From Samakhusi Chowk, it is approx. 9 km away. There are some uneven and tricky sections of the road. A street is currently being redesigned.

Why is Jhor Waterfall Tokha famous?

Jhor Waterfall is famous near Kathmandu because of the Locality. In Short Words, You can enjoy the scenic beauty of the Waterfall in a day near kathmandu and you can have a swim/bath in a natural pool.

Nepal is famous for its natural beauty and, It can be presumed that in every 20 KM Distance in Hilly areas, We can find Waterfalls in Nepal. Most of them are inaccessible because of the formation, and difficulty of Climbing the rock/steep way.

Jhor is located in Kathmandu itself and can be reached in 1 hour from most parts of Kathmandu. Road Way is Good, and People can enjoy the bike ride away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Moreover, Safety is one of the most important things that makes this Jhor Waterfall famous. Jhor Waterfall is the safest one because, You don’t have to climb the steep hills or go through rough trail to reach this Waterfall, while you can enjoy as much as you enjoy during your visit to other waterfalls.

Best time to Visit Jhor Waterfall

You can visit this Waterfall throughout the year. But, During Winter it is too cold to bathe there. So, If you are planning to visit Jhor Waterfall to get a bath in natural water, the Winter Season is not Good.

Apart from Bath, If you want to enjoy the scenery and take some memorable photographs, you can visit this palace throughout the year.

NOTE: During the Dry Seasons, Waterfall may go dry. So, it is also better to know first before traveling. During Dry Seasons, It is highly recommedned to visit Sukute Beach Resort for Rafting and Swimming Experiences.

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Jhor Waterfall Video

It is better to see the Video of Jhor Jharana before traveling. It is because of the fact that, You will get the general overview of the waterfall by watching this Video and It will console your mind to have proper expectations from this waterfall.

How to Reach Jhor Khola?

If you have a Two-Wheeler, You can take it to visit Jhor Khola. Road is Good and if you don’t want to ride, you can take a public bus from Ratna Park to Jhor Khola. Bus Departs from the Ratna Park – Bus Park at different times.

Also, You can hire a Taxi to visit Jhor Khola.

Packing List for Jhor Waterfall (Jhor Jharana in Nepali)

In this tour, you may like to make yourself wet, we recommend you bring a swimsuit and towel. Plastic bags will keep your portable devices, wallets, cameras, and other valuables safe from water.

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