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Sukute Beach is a small coastline in the Bhote Koshi river. It lies on the east side of Kathmandu in the mid-way to Kodari. It is about 69 km from Kathmandu which takes about 2- 3 hrs drive from Kathmandu. Upon arrival, one could see the beautiful hills, flowing rivers, people doing the rafting activities, beautiful resorts, etc.

The Sukute Beach could be the best way to feel the fantastic outdoor experience. This place could be the best place to spend the weekend and do camping or picnic. One could organize camping over the beach or take the tour package for camping, rafting, and others.

During your 3 hours of drive from Kathmandu through the Araniko Highway, you will pass through some of the major cities such as Bhaktapur, Sanga, Dhulikhel, Banepa, and Dolalghat before reaching Sukute Beach. Meanwhile, along the way you can also have a glance at the Tallest Statue of Lord Shiva at Sanga. Similarly, some of the adventure seekers experience the 1100 meters zipline at Dhulikhel.

Away from the Madding crowd, Sukute Beach is a perfect spot for spending a weekend with family, friends, relatives, and loved ones. It is also an ideal destination to spend some quality time on the lapse of nature. Overall, it is a perfect destination for overnight stays for any age group near Kathmandu valley. The hotels and resorts around Sukute also offer activities such as a campfire, BBQ, Dj session, and many more. Hotels at Sukute also offer other recreational activities such as swimming, Table Tennis, Beach Volleyball, Beach Football, Swing, and many more.

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Best Time To Visit Sukute Beach

Sukute Beach Resort can be visited throughout the year. It is one of the perfect places to plan your visit every day of the year. If you are looking for a relaxed and fun then this you can plan any day of the year. However, if you are looking for a combo package of Rafting with Relax and fun then Summer is perfect.

March, April, May, September, October, November are the perfect months to visit Sukute Beach Resort. Any of these months will be worthful for you. You can enjoy water sports during these months so the visit will be more worth it during these months.

The river water flow is high during March, April, and May so you can enjoy the rapid of the river with an experienced rafting guide during these months. So our suggestion for Sukute Beach Tour Package will be in these months if you want to enjoy rafting.

Some Facts about Sukute Beach

Distance from Kathmandu70 Kilometers
How to reach?Through Araniko Highway
Altitude700 meters
Major Attractions

Riverside Accommodation


Things to do


Beach Volleyball


Yoga and Meditation

Major rivers



Best Time to visitSpring and Autumn season
Nearby settlementDolalghat and Khadichaur

About BhoteKoshi River

Bhotekoshi River - Sukute Beach Packages

Bhote” roughly translates as a river from “Tibet” so there are quite a lot of rivers with this name in Nepal. This Bhotekoshi is the main branch of the SunKoshi and it has been descended by kayak from near the Tibetan border at Kodari. The river is followed by the Araniko Highway from Kathmandu to Lhasa so access and scouting are relatively easy.

The highway is normally blocked by landslides above Kodari so there is usually little traffic. The river drops very steeply before Kodari as a youthful mountain torrent; then the gradient gradually eases off to become quite placid and relaxing before Dolalghat.

Technically, the Bhotekoshi ends just after Bahrabise where the SunKoshi joins as a stream from the left: we have taken our description down to Dolalghat as this is where most Sun-Koshi raft trips start. The upper valley above Bahrabise is impressively steep and narrow, and there are some dramatic and scenic gorges down at river level. Just to drive up the highway and look at the river is like reading an erotic novel – it quickens the blood and excites the mind!

A dam at Lamasangu takes water out of the river for a few kilometers but luckily has not spoilt the most beautiful sections of the river. The river below the dam is quite different -the section down to Dolalghat has well-wooded sides and a wide blue river winding between white beaches.

List of Sukute Beach Resorts & Hotels

Sukute is one of the most popular overnight stays near Kathmandu valley. During the season huge numbers of domestic as well as international travelers visit Sukute for overnight stay. Choosing the right hotel to spend a night is also an important part while traveling. Keeping that in mind we are providing information about some of the most popular hotels at Sukute.

There are a variety of options to stay overnight at Sukute Beach. The services and facilities differ from hotels. Similarly, different hotels at sukute offer different types of recreational activities. Most of the people choose sukute to spend some quality time with their family, friends and loved ones. And to escape the crowded city and enjoy nature. Meanwhile, Sukute is also an excellent choice for business meetings and seminars. So choosing the right hotel that matches your requirement is also an important part.

Tented Camps are popular at Sukute but you can also choose to stay overnight in rooms. If you have not stayed overnight at Tented Camps before then we highly recommend you to choose tented camps. But Hotel rooms are the best option if you are a luxury traveler. Almost every hotel at Sukute offers swimming pools. Meanwhile, some other recreational activities like beach volleyball, table tennis, pool, etc differ from hotel to hotel.

If you are searching for the best places other than sukute beach, We would like to recommend you River Fun Beach Resort.

Sukute Beach Resort - Best Resort in Sukute

Sukute Beach Resort. Price jpg

Sukute Beach Resort is an excellent choice for weekend holiday destinations for rafting and camping lovers. They also provide an international camping experience for schools and colleges. Sukute Beach resort is also the first hotel you can see after reaching Sukute. The resort has 3 private swimming pools and also has a lot of areas for other activities such as beach volleyball, swing, and many more.

Sukute Beach Resort Packages with Prices

Day Excursion PackageNPR 1,500
Day Rafting Package NPR 2,700
Overnight Package (Tent Accommodation)NPR 2,500
Overnight Package (Room Accommodation)NPR 3,500

Choose Package for Yourself and Give Us a Call at +977-9863655576 to Book Now

Day Package at Sukute Beach Resort

Day Package at Sukute Beach Resort is one of the ideal destinations to get away from the hustle and bustle of the overcrowded city. Breakfast and Lunch are served during your stay at Sukute Beach Resort. Rafting can also be added to the day package.

Overnight Package at Sukute Beach Resort

One of the most loved packages at Sukute Beach Resort is the overnight stay package. The cost of transportation to sukute is excluded. Similarly, the cost of rafting is also not added in this overnight stay package. Lunch, Breakfast, welcome snacks, and dinner are served in an overnight stay package at Sukute Beach Resort.

Rafting Package at Sukute Beach Resort

Rafting is one of the loved activities at Sukute. In this package, guests are provided breakfast, lunch, dinner, and light snacks. Meanwhile, tented accommodation is provided with no additional charges. Visitors can also choose to stay in luxury rooms by paying the additional cost.

Other Activities at Sukute Beach Resort

There are a lot of other things to do at Sukute Beach Resort. Swimming pools are available at Sukute Beach resort and can be enjoyed without any additional charge. Similarly, there are many beautiful tables kept near the Sunkoshi river where you can have an amazing time with your loved ones.

Maya Beach Resort

Maya Beach Resort is one of the finest places to stay overnight during your stay at Sukute. The resort can be reached after a 10 minutes hike crossing the suspension bridge over the Sunkoshi river or also can take a raft to cross the river.

Away from the Highway it is one of the most peaceful places and is an excellent choice for nature lovers. Spread in the 113 Ropani there is much more to explore in Maya Beach resort. They offer a variety of packages for their customers. Some of the popular packages offered by Maya Beach resort are written below:

Maya Beach Resort Packages with Prices

Day Excursion PackageNPR 7,00
Day Rafting Package NPR 2,000
Overnight Package NPR 2,500
Overnight Rafting Package NPR 3,700

Choose Package for Yourself and Give Us a Call at +977-9863655576 to Book Now

Day Package at Maya Beach Resort

Day package is for the visitors who have a short time and are still wailing to enjoy a few moments at Sukute. The day package of the Maya Beach Resort includes Breakfast and Lunch. The additional cost is charged for other services like rafting and kayaking.

Overnight Package at Maya Beach Resort

Overnight stay packages are also available at Maya Beach Resort. Among all other packages at Maya Beach Resort, Overnight Package is the most loved and booked package. The overnight package includes Dinner, Tented accommodation for 2 pax per tent, Campfire and Breakfast. Meanwhile, for rafting additional cost is charged.

Rafting Package at Maya Beach Resort

Like other hotels around Sukute, Rafting is available at Maya Beach Resort too. They have their own rafting boat, gears as well as the Rafting leader and instructors. The cost of Photos and Videos is also included in the rafting package of Maya Beach Resort.

Other Available Activities at Maya Beach Resort

Besides rafting and camping, there are other amazing activities that can be done at Maya Beach Resort. Spread at such a big area Maya Beach Resort is an amazing choice if you are planning for a bike ride at Sukute. 

You can bring your own bike or also can rent one from the hotel. Similarly, fishing can also be done in your free time. You can also check the private pond or watch different species of birds that roam around Maya Beach resort.

Bhotekoshi Beach Resort

Bhotekoshi Beach Resort - Sukute Beach VisitBhotekoshi Beach resort is a very beautiful resort which gives you good services and quality food and it’s a wonderful place to spend time with family and friends. It is one of the good places near Kathmandu to spend a weekend.

Bhote Koshi Beach Resort Packages with Prices

Day Excursion Package NPR 6,00
Day Rafting Package NPR 1,800
Overnight PackageNPR 2,500
Overnight Rafting Package NPR 4,000


Choose Package for Yourself and Give Us a Call at +977-9863655576 to Book Now

Day Package at Bhotekoshi Beach Resort

Bhotekoshi Beach Resort provides an excellent offer for the day Package. With such a great environment around and a lovely garden to visit you will enjoy your day at Bhotekoshi Beach Resort. Having lunch or breakfast seeing the Constantly flowing Sunkoshi river makes it even more amazing.

Overnight Package at Bhotekoshi Beach Resort

Bhotekoshi Beach resort is also an ideal choice to spend a night during your stay at sukute. Plenty of rooms and tents are available at Bhotekoshi Beach Resort. Lunch, Breakfast, Dinner and welcome snacks are served in an overnight stay package. Safari rooms as well as standard rooms are available to stay overnight at Bhotekoshi beach resort.

Rafting Package at Bhotekoshi Beach Resort

Rafting can be done from Bhotekoshi Beach Resort too. Before rafting a rafting instructor will brief you about the things to do and not to do while rafting. Breakfast and Lunch are also included with the rafting package at Bhotekoshi beach resort.

Other Available Activities at Bhotekoshi Beach Resort

Bhotekoshi Beach Resort has its own private pool and the guests do not need extra payment to enjoy swimming. Live D/J sessions are held almost every weekend. Besides that you can also try snooker in your free time during your stay at Bhotekoshi Beach Resort. Mushroom, Chicken, Pork, Fish and Mutton BBQ can also be done here.

River Bay Resort

River Bay Beach Resort - Sukute Beach packagesRiver bay resort is one of the excellent choices to spend a night at Sukute. The area is enough and there are plenty of rooms and tents to spend a night. Enough parking space, as well as the BBQ space, is available here. Such a nice place to get away from the crowd and the hustle of the city. It is an amazing place to spend quality time with family, friends and loved ones.

River Bay Resort Packages with Prices

Day Excursion Package NPR 7,00
Day Rafting Package NPR 2,000
Overnight Package (Tent Accommodation)NPR 2,500
Overnight Rafting Package NPR 3,500

Choose Package for Yourself and Give Us a Call at +977-9863655576 to Book Now

Day Package at River Bay Resort

Regular day package at River Bay Resort is one of the popular ways to spend your day out of the crowded city. Day package at River Bay includes Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks. The cost of transportation, as well as the cost of rafting, are excluded in the day package at River Bay resort.

Overnight Package at River Bay Resort

Tented camp accommodation, breakfast, light snack, lunch, and dinner are included in the overnight stay package at River Bay resort. You can also choose to stay at standard rooms but the extra charge is applied. Transportation, as well as the rafting cost, is excluded at overnight package at river bay resort.

Rafting Package at River Bay Resort

Rafting package at River Bay Resort is one of the well liked packages. Similarly, breakfast and Lunch with a rafting package is also available. The cost of rafting with breakfast and lunch is included but the cost of transportation is excluded. Overnight packages with rafting can also be done at river bay resort.

Other Available Activities at River Bay Resort

Other extra activities can also be done at River bay Resort. Private swimming pool is also available at river bay and does not charge extra to enjoy the pool. Similarly, guests also choose to play pool as well as table tennis in their free time. Some other facilities such as slides, see saw etc are available for the Children. Various options for BBQ are also available at River Bay Resort.

Sunkoshi Beach Camp

Sunkoshi Beach Camp - Sukute Beach RaftingSunkoshi Beach Camp is yet another amazing place to spend a night at sukute. It is one of the amazing hotels at sukute and provides a lot of options for the customers. Rafting and camping are the main attractions of Sunkoshi Beach Camp.

Sunkoshi Beach Camp Packages with Prices

Day Excursion PackageNPR 7,00
Day Rafting Package NPR 2,000
Overnight Package NPR 2,500
Overnight Rafting Package NPR 4,000

Choose Package for Yourself and Give Us a Call at +977-9863655576 to Book Now

Day Package at Sunkoshi Beach Camp

Day package at Sunkoshi Beach camp is an ideal package for those willing to spend a day away from the crowded city. Breakfast, Lunch and Light snacks are offered at the day package at Sunkoshi Beach Resort.

Overnight Package at Sunkoshi Beach Camp

Tented camps and as well as the luxury rooms are available to spend a night at Sukute Beach camp. Besides, safari tents standard rooms are also available to spend a night. These packages include breakfast, lunch and dinner for meals. Meanwhile, the cost of transportation and rafting is also included in this overnight stay package.

Rafting Package at Sunkoshi Beach Camp

Rafting is one of the popular packages at Sunkoshi beach camp. . And this package does not include transportation cost. Meanwhile, no extra amount will be charged for lunch and breakfast.

Other Available Activities at Sunkoshi Beach Camp

Swimming pools are available at Sunkoshi Beach camp and the guests can enjoy the pool at any time. No extra hidden costs are charged for other extra activities that can be done at Sukute Beach camp. Live D/J sessions are also held every evening for music lovers.

Sukute Beach Tour Package Itinerary

Day 1- Kathmandu to Sukute Beach Resort

We request our guests to arrive at the collection point at 07:00 AM sharp – once all arrive, we will drive towards Sukute Beach Resort as per our tour package itinerary. The total distance between Kathmandu to Sukute is only 70 KM and it takes approx 3 hours by a private transfer.

Day 2- Sukute Beach Resort to Kathmandu

Wake up and explore the surroundings and again enjoy the resort premises taking pictures, swimming, playing, or any other available options. Then, you can have Breakfast in the resort.

Drop at the same location where you all were received. In this way, your Overnight Sukute Beach Resort tour package ends. 

Rent a Vehicle for Sukute Beach Camp

You can hire different types of vehicles to reach the resort as per your group size and range of budget along with comfort. Here goes below the list of vehicles with the cost for Sukute Beach Resort Tour Package:

Vehicle TypeDrop OnlyOvernight Trip 
Car – 4 PaxNPR 4500NPR 6500
Jeep – 8 PaxNPR 8000NPR 10000
Hiace – 14 PaxNPR 9000NPR 13000
Coaster – 24 PaxNPR 13500NPR 20000
Coaster – 35 PaxNPR 13500NPR 20000

The above-mentioned cost includes the driver’s salary, fuel charge, parking fee, driver’s accommodation, and toll charges. There is no hidden fee in the given cost so you don’t need to pay extra besides the quoted price.

Rafting in Sukute, Bhotekoshi RiverRafting in the Bhotekoshi river is full of adventure and fun. The good rapid of the river, Narrow river, cold water are some of the features of the Bhotekoshi River. Compared to Trishuli River Rafting, Bhotekoshi is the preferred and perfect for Rafting among the known rafters.

Grade 3 White Water River Rafting is and a package of fun for first-time rafters. You will be given brief details and instructions before the rafting starts with our experienced rafting guide. Our guide will teach you regarding the use of the paddle, code language used in the rafting, body structure in the rapid, leg lock in the boat, and more in detail.

You will be given a set of rafting gear before the rafting gets started. Helmet, Paddle, and Life Jacket is the complimentary things you will receive from the resort. Other rest of the extra essential things need to carry by yourself.

We suggest you take a Sunblock 50, Slipper, t-shirt, shorts, plastic ziplock bag, a camera with you. These things are not the part of Sukute Beach Tour Package includes so we suggest you carry them.

In the past before getting Sukute Rafting gets hyped, Travel agents and rafting agencies used to take VIPs rafting in the Bhotekoshi River.

Book Sukute Beach Tour with US

We would like to offer the easiest way for guests to make a reservation for Sukute Beach Tour Package. There are different modes of booking and payment for the Sukute beach Tour and you can pick it up at your convenience.

Booking Options:

You can simply write us an email at or call us at our cell number( +977-9863655576 ) to make an inquiry regarding this trip. And the other options are you also can send us an inquiry regarding Hotel and Resort in Sukute Beach by Whatsapp & Viber messenger. We are happy to assist you in the arrangement of the Sukute Beach Resort Tour Package.

We accept payment via different wallets like eSewa, Khalti &IME PAY for an advance of the Sukute Beach Resort Tour package. Here go the account details of the wallet below:

eSewa & Khalti

Mobile Number/ID NO: 9863655576

Kathmandu to Sukute Route

Sukute Beach Package: Update for September 2021

There has been a queue of people in the Sukute beach searching for the Room or Tent for the past few weeks. Nowadays, All the Hotels Room and Tents get reserved before 3 – 4 days of arrival on Spot.

If you’re planning to visit Sukute Beach, especially on Friday and Saturday, it is very hard for us to manage rooms on the same day because all the hotel rooms and tents will be packed.

After doing a manual review from the customer, we have chosen only two hotels, i.e., Sukute Beach Resort and River Bay Resort.

So, It is highly recommended to book the spot in a hotel room or tent before 3 Days.



  1. River Bay Resort doesn’t have Room and, Price is Rs. 2500 Per Person, including Fooding except for Lunch.
  2. Sukute Beach Resort Provides both Room and Tents for which Cost per person is Rs. 3500 and Rs. 2500 respectively.


Sukute Beach Holi: Update for March 2022

Sukute Beach is one of the Best Destination for Holi. Holi is one of the Holy Festival of Hindus Community. This is the Day, Light had won over Darkness.

Like Past Years, This Year too Sukute Beach comes in the mind of the most of the people while thinking about the best places to enjoy Holi. During this Festival, Sukute gets Crowded of Internal Tourist. Most of the Hotels and Resorts used to take Booking from the Pervious Months too.

In the day of this festival, It is very hard to get room or, a hotel for fooding. So, We would like to suggest to have Booking in the hotels so that you don’t have to roam here and there for Fooding and Lodging.

Among Several Hotels in Sukute, Sukute Beach Resort is one of the oldest and is still considered as the best hotel in Sukute for the Family, a Couple and, Friends.

As mentioned Earlier, Sukute Beach Resort has Rooms and Tents available for Lodging while most of the other hotels have Tent only for people staying in their Resort or Hotel.

We have also enlist Sukute Beach Packages up above with the tentative rate. 

If you’re planning to visit Sukute Beach for this Holi Festival, Please Let us know for Booking. Call Us at +9779863655576.

Can we organize a Picnic at Sukute Beach?

Are you searching for the best place near Kathmandu to organize one Day Picnic with Adventure?

If you are, then you are in the right place. Sukute Beach is one of the famous destinations for Picnic. Yeah, You might have listened about it before that Sukute is best for One Night Outing Plan but you might not have heard that Sukute is also best for one day or Multiple Day Picnic.

There are several hotels and Lodges in Sukute Beach. But, You’re not having Picnic in the same place Multiple times. Everybody would love to enjoy the most in very first time at the new place, so we are here suggesting to you the best hotels/Resorts with sufficient area so that you can enjoy your best in the Picnic.

Sukute Beach Resort is one of the oldest and best hotels so far in Sukute Beach. Apart from that River Bay Resort and Sukute Holiday Beach are better in terms of Customer Services  with Rafting and delicious food.

Event at Sukute Beach On Nepali New Year 2079

Sukute Beach has always been a famous destination for Family and friends over years for day outings with Adventure. While talking about the adventure,   We would like to mention again, Sukute is famous for Rafting too. Apart from the natural beauty, The beautiful River Bhotekoshi flowing alongside you while traveling to Sukute make your day more beautiful.

I wish May this new year brings Love, Happiness, and Prosperity to your family, friends, and all the Nepalese people from Nepal and around the globe.

Now, Let’s go to the Point. Are you planning to visit Sukute Beach for New Year? If yes, please try to book your room or Package as early as Possible because, On new year’s eve, you may get a Room in the Pokhara but it is very hard to get a room or tent for the accommodation prior to one week of Nepali New Year. It is because every year, Hotels and Resorts of Sukute Beach hosts different events like Music concerts, Poetry festivals, National Level Dance Competition, etc.

Even at Normal time, it is very hard to get a room instantly but During the new year period, It is very very hard to get an accommodation facility near Sukute Beach.

If you want to spend your new year’s first few days happily, we would suggest you go for Rafting. We hope, You’ll enjoy your time here and we will be more than happy to host you here. Additionally, if you have already visited us and you are searching for the alternative, Trishuli River Side Resort is highly recommended.

If you want to book your Seat now, Please Give us a Call on +9779863655576 or Whatsapp us by clicking on the Whatsapp button shown on the side.

Monsoon 2079

As mentioned earlier, Monsoon is also considered the best season to visit Sukute Beach. As last Year, This Year too, The number of people visiting the sukute beach has increased drastically on this Season.

If you’re wandering for the reason of such a spike of internal tourist visit rate at Sukute Beach, let us tell you that in these days, Because of rainfall, (Highest Flood Level), HFL increases and the adventure of rafting will become more adventurous.

Event at Sukute Beach On Holi 2078 (March 6, 2023)

Like Previous Years, This year too, we are ready to welcome you on the auspicious occassion of Holi festival to celebrate with us. This is one of the best time to visit us and like every year, this year too, only few seats are left for the event. So, Feel Free to reach out us at +977-9863655576 to reserve your and yours families and friends room at our Resort.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sukute Beach Resort

Depending on the hotel/resort you stay at in Sukute Beach, you can enjoy activities such as beach volleyball, beach soccer, table tennis, pool, snooker, etc.
Sukute Beach Resort offers almost all recreational acitivities.

Hotel guests do not need to pay an extra fee to use the hotel's swimming pools. Besides that, there is no extra charge for using the hotels pool room, snooker room, table tennis and many other sports facilities.

Sukute offers swimming activities at almost every hotel or resort. There are many resorts with swimming pools on Sukute Beach.

Sukute's nightly rate varies depending on the hotel, but tent camps begin at Rs 1,800 per person per night in Off-Season but, Now it’s Rs. 2500 Per Person.

There are good rooms at Sukute, but they are mostly geared toward groups staying there. In addition to tented camps, there are also bedded tent rooms to stay in.

You can raft at Sukute starting at Rs. 1,200 per person. It is rafting that has made Sukute so popular and is what makes the location so unique.

The distance between Sukute and Kathmandu is 70 kilometres, and it takes about two hours to reach by private vehicle. Sukute is very convenient to reach by road because it is blacktopped. Therefore, driving is a great way to reach Sukute.

No, They are different. Sukute Beach Resort is the oldest one while, Sukute Holiday Beach is opened before two to three years.

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