Kusma Bungee Jump

Take the ultimate plunge & book an epic bungee jumping experience in the world’s second-highest bungee jump Camp in Nepal. 

Once-in-a-lifetime experience with Kusma Bungee Jumping

Nepal is famous for Adventure. In Nepal, There are only two Bungee Jump Spot. One is Bhotekoshi Bungee Jump, and another is Kusma Bungee Jump. Kusma Bungee Jump is the one that resides at the world’s highest altitude.

From the top of the 228 m high bridge, you can see the Kaligandaki River at the bottom. So when you are on edge, Stay ready to jump and suck in the views as it will be your life memorable adventure with Free-Fall for more than 5 seconds.

The Bridge in which the bungee jump spot resides is 512 m long, making it the lengthiest suspension bridge in Asia. Also, The Bungee height is 228m, which makes it the world’s second-highest bungee jump Spot. Are you Scared? If not then you should be. Nonetheless, “Darko Aagadi Jit Xa.” Stay Focus and Do the most adventurous activity; you’ll do ever in your life.

Some Sailent features of Kusma Bungy Jump

Venue Name The Cliff Nepal
Location Kushma
Kusma Bungee Height 228m
Kusma Bridge Length 520m
Bungee Freefall 4.5 Sec
Swing Freefall 8.5 Sec
Reporting Time  9:00 AM
Bungee Weight  40Kg-120Kg
Swing Weight 40Kg-120Kg
Couple Swing Weight Maximum 120Kg

Kusma Bungee Jump Price

Nationality Price Extra Cost for Images/Videos
Nepali National Rs. 7000 Rs. 1500
Foreign National $210 Rs. 1500

Jumping more than one time provides you special Discount. If you want to bungee for the second time, Bungy Jump Price will be 3500, and then on the third time, it will be 2500, and then for the fourth time, it will be free.

Most of the time, the Price of the Kusma Bungee jump is fixed but, On Some Occasions, It may Decrease or Increase as Well. So, To avoid paying more bungee jumping prices, You should visit the Bungee jumping spot at the time only after getting information about Prices and Packages.

Kusma Swing Price

Most people don’t even know about Kusma Swing, But For information, You should know that It resides on the bank of the same Kusma Bridge. So, it would be best if you experience both of the Adventures at a time. It will save your travel expenses. Please watch this video to know how it looks.

Kusma is becoming one of Nepal’s most popular tourist area because of the Kusma Bungee Jumping and Kusma Swing. Both Internal and External tourism enhances the economy of Kusma. More importantly, It is also nearer to the famous tourist destination in Nepal, i.e., Pokhara. Fewa Lakes and Himalayan (Mountainous) Scenarios enhances the beauty of Pokhara.

Nationality Price Extra Cost for Images/Videos
Nepali National Rs. 7000 Rs. 1500
Foreign National $210 Rs. 1500

Most Trending Destination: Sukute Beach

Price for Kusma Bungee Jump and Swing by Same Person (Package)

Nationality Price Extra Cost for Images/Videos
Nepali National Rs. 10,500 Rs. 1500

If you have any queries, You can contact me via Via Whatsapp, Messenger, and Phone Call. Also, Feel Free to fill up this form for early booking and getting special preferences.

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Book Kushma Bungee with Us

Kuhma Bungee Jump Price

It is easy to book Kushma Bungee Jump with Us. Please follow the instructions properly to reserve your spot. Advance Booking will ensure your early Shift and Guaranteed Spot as you wanted. There are limited seats for the Bungee and Swing. So, We always recommend booking in advance.

Step 1: Call us or send us a message on Whatsapp at +9779863655576 to get information about availability.

Step 2: Pay Us NRS 1,000 Booking Fee either Via Esewa/Khalti or Bank Account. 

Step 3: Reach the Kushma Bungee Spot before 9:00 AM at the spot on your activity day and show Payment details to the Officer there and tell them you have booked from Visit Everest Nepal.

Step 4: Enjoy the Bungee.

Kushma Bungee Jump Price

Kusma Bungee Jump resides on this Bridge.

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