Rafting At Sukute Beach​

Rafting at Sukute Beach

Rafting at Sukute Beach is the best way to experience the thrills of the water. You will navigate your raft through powerful tides of water and heavy stones in this activity. There is no doubt that your rafting trip will be an unforgettable experience. 

It costs Rs. 1500 per person to rafting at Sukute Beach, and the activity lasts about two hours. If something goes wrong, you’ll be accompanied by an experienced guide.

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White Water rafting

On the Sunkoshi river in Sukute Beach, River Bay Rafting Resort offers a great rafting experience on the Sunkoshi river. Rafting and hiking are among the outdoor activities available at this resort. The area is a great weekend getaway spot for couples, families, and friends. 

A picturesque setting can be found along the riverfront. The resort is also a popular destination for nightlife, including a luxurious bar and restaurant.

If you’re interested in rafting, you can choose the best season for you. Water levels are highest in autumn, but it may be too cold to camp on the beach in September and October.

There is a river nearby that you can raft down, and Sukute Beach is popular with tourists. There are plenty of other things on Sukute Beach, such as relaxing and enjoying the sun. 

Beach volleyball, table tennis, cliff jumping, and beach volleyball are some activities you can do at Sukute Beach. Travelers in the area should not miss Sukute Beach.

Sukute Beach is the most beautiful beach in Nepal that lies in the Sindhupalchok district of Bagmati Province. It is famous for the Night Outing near Kathmandu and Rafting. It is near the China Border, and is about 17Km away of Dolalghat; Dolalghat is famous for Fishing, and Sea Foods.

Another Major Attraction Near Sukute Beach is The Last Resort. The Last Resort is the Bhotekoshi Bungy Jumpping Spot. 

Rafting is always scheduled on Weekend

Rafting is always scheduled on Weekend days, i.e., Friday and Saturday in Nepal. As we know, Sukute is one of the best destinations near the home of about 5 Million People, Kathmandu.

The latest trend has shown that, On Weekend days, Sukute beach has been serving hundreds of guests. It is believed that About 30% of the people visiting Sukute are interested in doing Rafting, and there will be more than 50 people to do Rafting by which Rafting Company can earn adequately. 

But, During Weekdays, a Limited number of people are seen on this beach, and, Sometimes, They don’t even get 16 people to go rafting in a day. So, Rafting companies based on Sukute beach have decided to open rafting on a weekday if and only if more than 16 people book for it. It is made to ensure they aren’t negative in profit by organizing Rafting. 


Cost of Rafting at Sukute Beach

There are multiple rafting service providers in Sukute Beach. Most service providers have fixed their prices as Rs. 1,500 per person. Some also provide a certain amount of Discount based on their policy.

You aren’t supposed to pay anything extra for the accessories like Helmets and Safety Vests that you must wear during rafting.

Book Rafting with Us

If you are in for Rafting at Sukute beach, call us at @9863655576 for a hassle-free booking.

We will provide detailed information about Rafting on the required date as per your wishes so that you don’t have to fear anything during or before the rafting.

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