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An ancient Newar village in Nepal, Chitlang is dominated by a tribal, and cultural group called the Newar. It holds a rich historical significance since it was one of the most popular stops on the old trade routes from Tibet to India, surrounded by the Chandragiri mountains. Located only a short distance from Kathmandu, Chitlang is the most popular hiking destination. The area is home to more than 100 species of birds, making it a heaven for ornithologists.

Mr. Debendra Nepal is credited with starting tourism in Chitlang with Chitlang Organic Village Resort, the first resort founded at Chitlang in 2010.

Chitlang’s cold can be easily digested by the warm welcome of homestays and resorts. Additionally, travel fatigue disappears quickly. Homestays and resorts offer a host of sights and tranquil landscapes throughout the day, including historical and cultural village tours, campfires, and dances.

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Quick Info – Chitlang Organic Village Resort

Normal Package

Dinner, Room and Breakfast NPR 1700/- per person per night.

Full Package

NPR 3000/- per person including transport, breakfast, lunch, dinner, accommodation, campfire, sight seeing,

Details of Full Package

Day 01

1300: Meet and drive to Chitlang
1500: Arrival at Chitlang and breakfast
1600: Light snacks
1830: Start campfire and music.
(BBQ, snacks and bevarage on request at extra cost.)
2030: Start dinner time and free time

Day 02

0730: Breakfast
0830: Start sight seeing of Saatdhara, Maghgaun and Bhairab temple
1130: Lunch at resort
1200: Drive to Markhu
1230: sight seeing at Markhu
1300: Free time
1400: Drive back to Kathmandu

Chitlang Organic Village Resort

The Chitlang Organic Village Resort is the first resort to be opened in Chitlang since 2010. It was founded by Devendra Nepal, known as the “Father of Chitlang Tourism” for his contributions to the development of the valley.

Chitlang Organic Village Resort
Chitlang Organic Village Resort

His struggle to establish Chitlang as a model tourism destination started after he completed his graduation and master’s degree in Tourism Management. It is now a well-known tourist destination among Nepalese and foreign visitors alike.

With 19 rooms that are compatible with nature, we offer authentic Nepali cuisine and a natural stay to our guests. All the team members of this Chitlang Resort are from the village and hold outstanding hospitality. Everyone can enjoy nature without missing the sophisticated amenities of large commercial hotels.

Chitlang Organic Village Resort Price

The price of Chitlang Organic Village Resort is determined by several factors. Visit Everest Nepal would like to encourage you to book Mohini Package for the best price, i.e. Cheaper Package with all the services.

Chitlang Resort’s Mohini Package costs a single person Rs. 4,500. Visiting the Chitlang Resort in a group of 10 or more is recommended.

Chitlang Organic Village Resort Price Includes

  • – Transportation according to itinerary – 1 lunch, 1 breakfast, 1 dinner
  • Rooms and accommodations
  • The boat will take you to the Jharana drop point (the motor boat will cost you an additional 300/- per person).
  • Sightseeing and campfire at Chitlang

Chitlang Village Resort Itinerary

Day 1

  • 1:00 PM – Meet and drive to Chitlang
  • 3:00 PM – Arrival at Chitlang 
  • 4:00 PM – The sightseeing of Saatdhara, Maghgaun, and Bhairab
  • 6:30 PM – Fire starts and music starts (BBQ, snacks, and beverages are available at an additional charge.) 
  • 8:30 PM- Start dinner time and free time

Day 2

  • 7:30 AM – Early morning breakfast
  • 8:30 AM – Travel to Markhu
  • 9:00 AM – Boat trip to Mohini Jharana
  • 9:30 AM – Hike to Mohini Jharana
  • 10:30 AM – Mohini Jharana time
  • 11:30 AM- Return to Markhu
  • 12:30 PM- Lunch at Markhu and visit to hanging bridge
  • 14:00 PM- Depart for Kathmandu

Chitlang Organic Village Resort Tent, & Room Accomodation

Two types of accommodation are available at the Chitlang Resort. The first is the Tent, and the second is the Cottage.

Chitlang Organic Village Resort’s Tent

A properly maintained Safari Tent with a Tin above the Tent costs Rs. 1,700 per person if you wish to stay in this type of Tented Accommodation.

There are a number of amenities included in this price, including breakfast and free Wi-Fi:

  • Something special for you
  • Refreshments are provided free of charge
  • Toiletries in full-size with a pH balance
  • Pillows that are plush and bed linens that are breathable
  • A luxurious bath towel that is soft and oversized
  • Gel for washing the body and shampooing with hot water

Chitlang Organic Village Resort’s Room

The Cottage is actually an upgraded version of the Safari Tent. Cottages are typically made from wood, or bamboo.

It is possible to make a cottage entirely from bamboo but it is more common to use wood plates (called “Falek” in Nepali), bamboo, and wood together to create one.

In this Chitlang Organic Village Resort, you can stay in a Cottage accommodation for NRs. 2,000 per person.

Chitlang Homestays

Many internal tourists search for Chitlang Homestays to learn more about the culture, traditions, and lifestyle of the people of Chitlang Village.

Chitlang Homestays
Chitlang Homestays

The term “homestay” refers to fooding and accommodation at home of people from the area concerned which aren’t intended to serve customers.

The Chitlang Homestays offer a glimpse into the daily activities of the people of the chosen home, such as what is served, how it is made, and how it is arranged for dining.

The following are common to most Nepalese homes, too, if you’re thinking of chitlang homestays.

  • Generally, in villages, food is not cooked with gas cylinders, and gas stoves. Rather, wood is used for fire, and a special type of stove called “CHULO” is used.
  • You aren’t going to eat by sitting on Table. You’re supposed to sit on the Ground in which a Special type of sheet is laid. In Nepali, We call it “Gunri”. Gunri is basically made up of Paddy Straw. If you would like to know how it was made, You can watch this Video: Nepali Gundri of paddy straw in Rural Nepal.
  • Occasionally, you may be served with thicker rice.
  • Curry will be prepared with fresh vegetables. 

Chitlang Tour Highlights

  • It is well known throughout Nepal that Chitlang’s Organic Vegetables are of the highest quality.
  • It is more famous to stay at Chitlang Homestays.
  • There is nothing better than being away from the bustle and hustle of the city in a peaceful, beautiful place.
  • It is through this village that people go on the Indra Sarovar Trek.
  • The village and forest around the village are full of Rhododendron, which is the national flower of Nepal. The flowers are even edible.
  • Chitlang offers goat cheese, and you won’t find a better cheese anywhere else.
  • Laxmi Prasad Devkota wrote this wonderful song “Kun Mandir Ma Janchau Yatri” while He was in Chitlang.

Chitlang History

Chitlang is also known for its connection to Nepal’s greatest poet, Laxmi Prasad Devkota. Laxmi Prasad Devkota had written the song “Kun Mandir Ma Janchau Yatri” (which basically means “Which Temple do you go to?” in English) in 1998 while living in Chitlang.

During his visit to Makwanpur, Devkota saw pilgrims on their way from India to see Pashupati Darshan, which prompted him to compose the song. His fountain of water and stone can still be seen today.

Chitlang as a Place on Major Trading Route Before Tribhuwan Highway

Prior to the construction of the Tribhuvan Highway, or byroad, traders used to cross the Chitlang trails to gain access to the valley as a major trading route. The ancient foot trail that extends from Thankot to Chandragiri Pass, Chitlang, and Kulekhani has lost its glory after the highway was constructed in the south. The ancient foot trail, however, has lost its glory as a result of the construction of the highway.

Chitlang Bounce Back as Tourist Hub

The tourism sector in Chitlang is booming, with more than a dozen homestays and half a dozen resorts operating in Chitlang as well as two new resorts being constructed. This indicates that investors are investing a lot of money in the sector.

It is popular among tourists to hike in Chitlang Valley and its surrounding areas, and many also enjoy cycling along green paddy terraces.

The village of Markhu will soon become a tourist village. The village of Chitlang is home to over 1,000 visitors per week, according to Tara Bahadur Basnet, president of the Homestay Operators Committee.

Major Attraction of Chitlang

Get Close With Nature

In Chitlang, you will often see hills teeming with greenery. This famous landmark- intriguing pear farms- is often evident in social media posts.

In any case, I would like to point out that here, at the crack of dawn, you can enjoy peaceful walks because the light of the rising sun gradually chases away the darkness, and the surrounding hills become stunningly green as a result. It is also worth mentioning that you might like to explore the nearby forest, which is home to many birds. Bird watching is definitely one of the things that you should not miss when in Chitlang.


There are fine wood carvings on the bricks that make up this ancient structure, which is located in the second ward of the village. Nepal’s fine arts, artistry, and craftsmanship are reflected in the décor of the building. In addition to the decorative artistic pillars and the Tunal Arts, the architectural style of the building is also noteworthy.

Shivalaya - Ancient Structure of Chitlang
Shivalaya – Ancient Structure of Chitlang

Architectural resources of cultural tourism are in urgent need of renovation and conservation due to their deterioration. Located on the extreme north-east side of Chitlang, this legendary structure is situated near Bhimphedi, a strategic point for the journey to and from Kathmandu before the advent of the modern world. It is an ancient temple dedicated to Shiva, with three Gajurs.

Asoka Chaita

In the Thaha Municipality, this temple was built by King Asoka of Magadh during the Kirat era when he came to Nepal. He also built several other Chaitya temples during this time as well. Every year, on the occasion of Buddha’s birthday, the Buddhists of Kathmandu gather here to celebrate.

Kartik Purnima Naach

Chitlang’s Naach culture, also known as Kartik Punhi Jatra, is one of the most famous in the world. This is the oldest culture of the Newars, and is celebrated not only for the sake of preserving its history, but also to attract tourists. This “Naach” is for five days and took place in Mazgaon Chitlang-5. The dance “Naach” is beautiful and attractive and worships several gods and goddesses at the same time.


Traditionally, the seven stone taps close to the gods Ganesh, Shiva, Krishna, and Saraswoti were used to provide water for the gods. This is why the name ‘Saatdhara’ is derived. Almost all of the Katush trees surround the place, creating the illusion of a natural garden.

SatDhara - Chitlang
SatDhara – Chitlang

A colorful festival is celebrated at Satdhara every year on the day of Basanta Panchami where the locals worship Goddess Saraswati and pay their respects.

Goat Farming

It lies at a distance of 5 KM from the resort and is the largest grazing land in Nepal. Previously, there was sheep farming there. Chitlang has taken the initiative to make goat cheese with the assistance of the firm.

As a result of goat milk, the goat cheese factory in Nepal is well known and important. This industry is also well established in Chitlang. In addition to earning income, this industry produces the majority of the cheese in Nepal and distributes it throughout the country.

Explore The Neighbourhood

Upon entering yet another part of Chitlang, you will experience a variety of cultures and lifestyles because it is a hushed neighborhood home to various castes. Old brick structures in some parts of the village are adorned with dried chili and maize hanging on the window sills, as if they were taken from a Newar settlement in Kathmandu, while others have been painted brown organically.

It is a quaint village full of surprises, from hidden waterfalls to abandoned old houses.

If you’re searching for the best place to stay near Kathmandu with Adventure, Sukute Beach Resort can be your Best Choice in which you can even do rafting., Also, Dhulikhel Resort is near to the Kathmandu, and it takes only an hour to reach Dhulikhel from Kathmandu. 

Things to do in Chitlang

  • Boating
  • Watching Bird
  • Campfire
  • Barbeque
  • Jungle Walking
  • Village Tour
  • Hiking

Kathmandu To Chitlang Route

There are two routes from Kathmandu to Chitlang. You can go via Chandragiri route for 25 KM, or you can go via Dakshinkali temple for 58 KM.

Book Chitlang Tour With Us

In order to make things easier for our customers, we, Visit Everest Nepal, provide Chitlang Resort Booking Service. You do not have to visit us in order to book with us. Our Chitlang Packages can be booked by calling +977-986365576, mailing us at or clicking the Message icon in the left-down corner of your device screen.

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Video Story About Chitlang

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